our favorite illusion (BEGINNING)

our favorite illusion (ENDING)


Insurgents or Freedom Fighters?

question: what would you do if the armed soldiers of another country were patrolling the streets of our cities after an preemptive invasion for which there was never any real evidence of cause? would you sit there and accept a bayonet in your face, on your soil? in your own home?

or would you do what any warm-blooded human being would do, what our forefathers did against the British?


the Line in the Sand

got fear?

unless you've been living under a worn copy of the Constitution or inside the West Wing you no doubt are aware of a national seismic shift, the distant scent of sulfur in the air. from the grim prospect of a 'broken arrow' to the eerily-quiet (yet consistent) war drum dance towards iran, it's clear the U.S. is on the eve of some game-changing event, something overly-dramatic yet tightly-controlled a la that one sunny tuesday in 2001.

of course we all have our theories as to what, if anything will happen over these next few weeks. but money doth make the mare go, and for those die-hard bottom-liners out there, you can simply follow the unusual volume of put and call options in the stock market lately. now compare that to similar activity in the weeks prior to 9/11. it's called arithmetic. do it.

and for extra credit, for those eager to graduate on to higher learning (if indeed they dont suspend classes) try to understand the summer's events in the context of the Kristallnacht, or 'Night of Broken Glass' in pre-war Nazi Germany. imagine if you can a whole nation of merchants and citizens, their lives busted out like a mob bar burnt to the ground for insurance money. Jewish homes were ransacked, along with thousands of stores being destroyed by civilians and Stormtroopers alike - it was the Rodney King riots in reverse, as if Darryl Gates himself came down and firebombed the fuck outta Inglewood.

So now here comes this criminal Administration - for that is what they have already been tried as in the international arena - essentially leaking this the most recent mishap in what has been (at the absolute minimum) a tragic string of gross negligence in the last 6 years, and in doing so using our 4th Branch to once again put Americans on notice: now the threat is not only over there, it's not just in our big cities, it's here on our own military bases, it's inside our schools and universities, at our places of business, anywhere anyone might wish to live out the daily routine of their lives. The message is, has been and will continue to be: DO AS YOURE TOLD OR YOU COULD BE KILLED.

look maybe there were 10 million jews and maybe there were only a tenth that many killed in the Holocaust; in truth, a much smaller fraction than that number is too bleak to even think about, and the 2,974 killed in the mass murders of sept. 11 2001 pales in comparison. but the underlying principle at work here is a climate of fear cultivated with a sophistication not seen since the days of the pogrom. and now this White House stands with its seven heads lurched forward, talons clenched, ready to devour Mesopotamia and liberate it with Wolfo-wisdom.

'so what?' I can almost hear the echoed replies of a Nintendo latch-key generation. 'we cant do anything to change it so why wallow in it?'

because you are here and now. because it is your lifetime. because whether you like it or not, or even whether you believe it now or not, these events are shaping the course of the rest of your time on this planet. its as though our very soul is up for grabs. as an american - hell as a living breathing organism - there can be no higher calling.

and we can sit here and read and write blog after blog, entry after entry, enough words to fill a zillion search engines - but if all we garner from this world wide web is a little more information, and we just sit back and allow our way of life to disintegrate in front of our very eyes, what's to stop the trains from indeed running on time?


a Womb with a View

what if you lived your minutes aware and cognizant of the fact that one day - maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, but one day - you are going to die? what if all the machinations of your life, all the blood sweat and tears, all the labor, all the love, what if all of it were directed towards that bulls-eye instead of running away from it with bloomingdale's bags in your hands or some poor sucker's money in your pocket? what if you could see an abridged version of your life and where it was ultimately headed?

would you change anything? would you do it all again? or would you let go of your fears and your loose change and try to abolish all fallacy and illusion in your perception of the world around you?

now what if i told you these and other changes were already in progress?.....


none dare call it Conspiracy


1.the act of conspiring.
2.an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3.a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4.Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
5.any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

got thirst?

go ahead, sell your watered-down lemonade for quarters and pray the Fall is near, because you all know what the next few weeks hold: august dog days, leaves browning over, hang-around preteens plotting their next 7-11 something-for-nothing scheme, more empty promises from flip-flop 'presidential' candidates offering cures for what ails ya, more ex-homeowners swallowed whole by the cold reality of (gasp) apartment living, and - as if it needs to even be said - the all-consuming 'grave & gathering' threat of Islamofascism. maybe just maybe they'll indulge us and finally bump up the Death-o-Meter to the tampax-soaked color we deserve.

remember way back when cheney wasn't yet king, months after one sunny Tuesday when former chief of staff andrew card glibly said, 'from a marketing standpoint, you don't introduce new products in august?' he was onto something, that guy - how'd a megawatt like that get stuck working for Junior Boy Dim? i mean for a white house insider to slip and offer the public a window into how this country's most secretive administration makes decisions on how to terrorize us further, one must infer that there is a real ongoing effort that, whether orange, green or in between, our fearmongers are keenly aware of how these alerts can affect us.

i mean, seriously - yellow alert? does anyone even buy this anymore? 'holy shit! i cant go to work today! what if today's the day CIAl Qaida decides to hate me for my freedom?!?'

what we need to start doing is changing the language we use to analyze and question what the Fourth Estate is feeding us, to stop dismissing out-of-hand the idea that there are powerful forces at work in this world collaborating, conceptualizing, and YES conspiring to profit from this american culture of fear. from cnn to the new york times to paramount pictures to bantam fucking books is it really that outrageous to consider that this war of terror isn't (at least in large part) the work of market forces conspiring to shape popular opinion for political & economic gain? exactly what part of that theory is unsubstantiated? who says all capitalist endeavors don't utilize grand deception as part of their marketing campaign?

forget for a moment the zeitgeist, the theories, all of it and just ask yourself this: what is the most common charge in criminal courts? it's when two or more people work together in the planning stages of a crime. it's what you do when you mutter about starting a softball team or a labor union, it's what you do when you enlist the aid of one or more people in a common goal. hell, it's how this country spilled the first blood on its hands, by paul revere town-crying, whispers among patriots towards insurrection - my fellow americans, that is called conspiracy.

now nobody's said anything about bilderberg smoke-filled backrooms (though we know they exist), not one time have i suggested our elected leaders are engineering foreign policy in secret forums and among lobbyists unaccountable to the electorate (though our system relies heavily on this very process), and no one is ordering you to obey and conform and accept the prevailing Fables spun by this and practically every other administration (though your president has just signed off on an executive order criminalizing those who refuse to do so) - but perhaps its time to reconsider the simplistic and potentially naive assumption that opportunities for exploitation and control aren't pursued by those in positions of power. some of us who aren't yet willing or able to pay attention to the man behind the curtain should at least concede that yes virginia, there is a man, there is a curtain, and what goes on behind it is likely something not borne of coincidence.


the Day they told Us to Stop Thinking